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If you're a homeowner, we offer a program that allows you to break free from your current electric provider. If you aren't generating your own electricity, you limit yourself to the one and only electric provider in your area. We provide our customers with a bill swap that doesn't cost them anything out of pocket. Click the heading for more information.

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We offer extensive services for commercial solar systems. For our customers with private enterprise, we offer personal solar parking lots, tilted roof panels, and roofing work. We can fabricate a custom solar system to fit the need of your commercial building or business. Click on the header for more information.

We offer lots of financing options for all our customers. We offer Loan Pal financing which is now called Goodleap. We also finance through Dividend, and Pace. For more Finance Information, click the heading.

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We offer lots of options to make your home more energy efficient. We can replace your old water heater for our state of the art Rheem water heaters, old home cooling systems get swapped for our Amana HVAC units. We do double panning for all your windows. Swapping inefficient gas appliances for modern electric hardware, and of course after switching to solar all your appliances will be under one bill.

We typically get 85% of applicants approved. Click the Qualify button to see if you qualify for our bill reduction program.

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