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Residential Solar Systems

Congratulations for welcoming the savings of solar. You are finally free from PG & E's never ending contracts, and unlimited rates. How does it feel to finally gain your freedom from your electric provider?   

Our residential systems are designed to not only generate, but store, and cover all the energy that is being used throughout your home. We include a 25 year full bumper to bumper warranty with the installation of your solar system.

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We set out customers up with the latest options in energy storing batteries. We offer the new Tesla Power Wall 2, LG Chem batteries, as well as Generac generators if you experience blackouts.


We offset our clients with 100% usage coverage to ensure that our solar recipients don't receive any hefty True Up bills.  When you switch to solar you'll receive a 26% Federal tax credit from the price of your entire system

What's A True Up Bill?

Do you have a true up bill? A true up bill occurs when your current solar system doesn't produce adequate energy for your home. In return your electrical provider will have to lend you power to cover your energy deficit. This allows them to charge you an extra fee at the end of the year typically at a much higher rate.


For our customers with existing solar systems that are eager to eliminate their true up bill, we do an add on system to offset the energy production deficiency.

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